Simple Present oder Present Progressive 2

1. Jenny (not / dance) with Mary's brother this month.
2. How far (it / be) to the bus station?
3. Oh no! The children (make) a mess in the dining room.
4. The twins (not / feed) their rabbits this weekend.
5. In the afternoon I (play) table tennis with Jenny at the sports ground.
6. Samantha (not / wear) her new school uniform today.
7. There (be) five trees behind our school.
8. Look! There is Jenny. Why (she / run) to school?
9. Why (Tom and Jim) / not / ride) to school by bike today?
10. They (not / swap) pictures today.
11. Cathy usually (wear) glasses at school.
12. Lisa (get) dressed for her dancing lesson now.
13. (be) there many boys in your class?
14. Their son (not / eat) breakfast in the kitchen this week.
15. Tobias is very tall and he (have got) short dark hair.
16. Why (her child / buy) food this week?
17. School (finish) at half past twelve every Tuesday.
18. Why (she / not / drink) milk every day?
19. Mara (not / write) in her diary at the moment.
20. Where (the new guest / drink) his tea today?