Multiple Choice Dropdown - Gerund - Präpositionen bestimmen

1. I am really crazy seeing you next week.
2. She is good doing sport in school, all pupils are jealous.
3. My mum is interested reading my marks from school.
4. I can think watching TV but not about reading a book.
5. She spends time learning an instrument, because that really matters.
6. He always complains having to eat tomatoes and spinach.
7. I apologize coming too late.
8. You better concentrate carrying the bottles because otherwise they will fall down.
9. He takes part playing a role-playing game.
10. My friend really looks forward going to Spain in the holidays.
11. He is really bad remembering dates of birth.
12. I am tired working for school.
13. She is scared walking alone in a dark forest.
14. He wants to give making a plan, but I said he should move on with it.
15. The whole class insisted getting their tests back.
16. I believe going to the concert although my mum said no.
17. We decided moving in another country.
18. They talked baking cookies.
19. We are worried going on a trip, because it is raining.
20. I am afraid writing the Maths test.