some and any - Übung 1

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The last English test had really difficult exercises in it.
2. He is eating delicious apples.
3. She bought cheap shoes.
4. They are building new shops in Main Street.
5. Haven't you got gloves to wear?
6. Why aren't there double rooms in your B & B?
7. We need more fruits for our fruit salad.
8. Yeah! Just more lessons till the Christmas holidays!
9. He didn't make mistakes in the last English test.
10. Isn't there orange juice left?
11. He didn't answer question in the test.
12. Have you taken photos when you were in London?
13. We watched really boring movies last Saturday.
14. shops in my village are already closed at 7 o'clock.
15. Do you know the name of wild flowers?
16. This castle was built centuries ago.
17. I am sorry but I can't wait for your answer longer!
18. Let's buy beautiful flowers for grandma!
19. There aren't good cinemas in Bretten.
20. I was in town three hours but didn't find presents.
21. of my relatives live in London.
22. That's not the correct answer to of my questions!
23. of my classmates are just like me.
24. I am sorry but we haven't got clothes in your size.
25. Here you are safe from dangers.