some and any - Übung 2

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Uncle Joe found money in the gymnasium.
2. I watched funny films on youtube last weekend.
3. Kirsten hasn't got green clothes.
4. I met unfriendly people when I was in New York.
5. She doesn't do exercises at home.
6. young people think they know everything.
7. Claudia told me really funny jokes.
8. Our living room hasn't got windows.
9. I have to tell you news.
10. Let's order pizza!
11. I haven't got money in my purse.
12. Wash your face with soap. You're dirty.
13. I always find socks when I tidy my room.
14. Haven't you got friends at school?
15. You have to add sugar if you want this tea
to taste (schmecken) well.
16. Are there bananas left?
18. Did you buy books when you were in town?
19. She spent all her pocket money for new clothes.
20. Would you like healthy apples?
21. In the foreground you can see rabbits.
22. There aren't biscuits left.
23. We danced all night without break at all.
24. Have you got children?
25. There aren't girls in his form.