if Sätze Typ I, Typ II oder Typ III? - Übung 1

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. If Grace can't repair her bike on her own, I'll help her.
2. She'd cook lunch for us if she came home earlier.
3. We'll visit The Tower if we're in London.
4. If Tom drives too fast, he'll have an accident.
5. I wouldn't have had a sore stomach if I hadn't eaten so much.
6. If John didn't see his girlfriend every day, he'd be lovesick.
7. If John had told Sarah that he liked her, she'd have gone for a walk with him.
8. If I hadn't had an accident, I would have visited you.
9. If Laura doesn't feel safe alone at the party, I'll join her.
10. Julia could join the school's choir if she sang better.
11. Will you wait for me if I'm late?
12. Tobias wouldn't have had such a hard time if he'd studied something else.
13. If Linda's mother allowed her to go to the disco, she'd do so every week.
14. If I were you, I wouldn't go to that musical.
15. If Thomas invites Luisa to his party, she'll wear her new dress.
16. If Mr Connor prepared his lessons well, it would be calmer in class.
17. If it hadn't started to snow, we would have gone by bike.
18. It'll be cold in the living room if you leave the window open.
19. I'd go ice-skating every Saturday if they opened an ice-rink at my town.
20. You'll feel sick if you eat too much cake.
21. If Caroline had listened to her father, she wouldn't have got lost.