who oder which - Übung 1

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. The boy bullied me is in class seven.
2. The cake fell on the floor was expensive.
3. Do you know the guy always goes to the cinema on Fridays?
4. The pencil case is lying on the table belongs to me.
5. The movie we watched yesterday was scary.
6. Jenny is the girl cycled to Rome last year.
7. The dress you wore yesterday was pretty.
8. The museum we visited last month was wheelchair accessible.
9. The man bought a caravan was very friendly.
10. The girl broke the vase is in trouble now.
11. The song I heard on the radio is wonderful.
12. The teacher teaches Maths is very young.
13. Mrs Black's daughter is the girl won in the lottery.
14. The book we read at school is boring.
15. Tom is the boy has got a blue school bag.
16. The girl is new in class is very shy.
17. The flowers I got from my daughter are wonderful.
18. The choir Lara joined sings horribly.
19. Kirsten is the girl wasn't allowed to swim in the lake.
20. The coast we visited last year is called Connemara Coast.