s-genitive / Genitv 's Übung 2

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Mrs Brooks live in Glasgow. Her daughter name Susi.
Susi 13 year old and she go to Kirkshill School.
She always sleepy (müde) and often come late to school.
You should see her teacher face when she come into the
classroom! He not very amused (nicht sehr erfreut) about that
as you might imagine! In the Maths lesson she often fall
asleep and it happen several time a week that the teacher
wake her up again. Susi not very good at English because
she never learn her vocabulary. She do not know a lot
about grammar (Grammatik) too. But when it come to sport, she
the grade best runner! She run the 100metre
in less than 15 second. Some girl think, it because
she always use her sister shoe. She also
very good at swimming! She swim 1,000 metre in
25 minute. Some boy in her class think that she take
drugs (Drogen). But that ridiculous (lächerlich) of course!
It because of she do many exercise every day. That
what keep her fit and let her run fast. She also
eat a lot of healthy food every day. When her classmate
still sleep in their bed she already has the day first meal.
Her breakfast always made of the garden freshest fruit.
She eat a lot of banana and eggs too.