Simple Past - Gemischte Sätze 2

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. My sister (find) her computer at the jumble sale.
2. My girlfriend (not / be) nervous when
she (write) the test at school.
3. Why (she / not / ask) him?
4. The teacher (tell) us an interesting story about our school.
5. When (you / go) to the zoo?
6. We (not / go) to the museum last Saturday
because it (be) closed.
7. We (see) Sarah at the supermarket yesterday.
8. I (think) that I (be) late,
but I (be) still in time for the rehearsal.
9. My parents (not / be) hungry.
10. When (she / visit) her grandmother in Paris?
11. She (have) a bad time.
12. My sister (go) to her dancing lessons.
13. Why (he / not / turn on) the radio?
14. Her mother (not / do) homework with her.
15. My sister (know) all answers in the Maths test.
16. Who likes the song we (sing) yesterday?
17. Why (Tom's girlfriend / dance)
with Simon at the party?
18. Jenny's birthday party (begin) at 8 o'clock.
19. We (not / have) to walk home because my father
picked us up (abholen) from the sports ground.
20. "You are late for the lesson!", (say) the teacher.
21. Mary (not / go) to Simon's party
because she (be) too tired.
22. Tim and his girlfriend (have) an appointment last Friday.
23. Where (she / buy) the pencil case?