Simple Present oder Simple Past - Multiple Choice

1. Ron (love) Mr Black's lessons.
2. Where (she / buy) that pencil case?
3. Catherine always (wear) her glasses at school.
4. We (come) home very late yesterday.
5. Last summer Sharon (invite) all her friends to her party.
6. Dennis never (tidy) his room.
7. The Blacks (go) on a fantastic trip last year.
8. My father has to get up early because he (work) as a bus driver.
9. Our school (open) in 1986.
10. I (take) a shower every day.
11. They (see) Mr. Roberts in front of the cinema ten minutes ago.
12. Luisa (take) the last train to Edinburgh
13. Hanna (not / speak) French and Italian.
14. Mandy usually (do) her homework after school.
15. (you / go) to the zoo last month?
16. Tom (not / do) judo.
17. Last week I (make) a very big mistake.
18. Sam (enjoy) the film yesterday evening.
19. Steve never (watch) TV after 11 o'clock.
20. Last Friday our teacher (give) us a lot of homework.