will future - mixed sentences

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. I think I (go) surfing in the afternoon.
2. Do you think they (order) more T-Shirts?
3. I think there (not / be) enough time to relax.
4. I (paint) the garage tomorrow.
5. Your mother (worry) about you if you come home very late.
6. I think she (spend) all her money for sweets.
7. (you / join) the new computer club in town?
8. The soup (not / taste) better if you add even more salt.
9. I (borrow) some books from the library.
10. The teacher (correct) the exams in the holidays.
11. You (fall) down from the ladder (Leiter) if you are not careful!
12. Your tomatoes (not / grow) better if your water them from above.
13. (Peter / join) you for the shopping?
14. This scarve (keep) you warm in winter.
15. I think she (love) your present.
16. She certainly (ride) her new bike tomorrow.
17. (you / help) me with my homework?
18. Mr King (not / train) us tomorrow.
19. You (yawn) the whole day if you go to bed too late.
20. (you / install) the anti virus programme for me?