will future - negative sentences

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. She is pretty sure that they (drink) a glass of wine.
2. I think he (calm down) soon.
3. I (look) for her.
4. She (take) a nap after work.
5. I think our guest (enjoy) the trip to the museum.
6. I (watch) the game on TV.
7. I hope they (play) tricks on me again.
8. They (laugh) at you.
9. I am pretty sure that she (agree) with you.
10. Klaus (fall) off the stairs.
11. You (pass) the test if you don't take notes!
12. We (walk) to school!
13. I think the sun (shine) at the weekend.
14. I hope they (argue) again.
15. He (sleep) well if it is cold in the bedroom.
16. I think there (be) any cake left if you don't arrive at the party in time.
17. I think we (sell) more books next year.
18. I hope he (turn on) that awful music again.
19. I (try on) the red trouser.
20. He (wait) in front of the cinema for you.