will future - positive sentences

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. They (move) to Spain when they are retired.
2. I'm sure he (agree) with your ideas about the new project.
3. I think we (arrive) late in the evening.
4. I think I (wear) my yellow dress at Joe's party.
5. I wonder what the English teacher (teach) us today.
6. The dog (bark) loudly if you enter the garden.
7. Maybe people (land) on the Mars in 50 years.
8. You (be) cold if you don't wear a scarve.
9. I guess he (go) on a trip to the UK.
10. I (meet) many famous people there.
11. I (answer) your mail soon.
12. I guess he (be) asleep if you arrive too late at night.
13. She (be) in troube if she doesn't give back the book.
14. She (tidy) the kitchen soon.
15. I think it (rain) soon.
16. We (visit) our grandmother at the weekend.
17. I (buy) that book if you make a good price.
18. We (explore) many interesting places.
19. I (go) by bike if the buses are on strike (streiken).
20. I'm sure she (mail) you.