Indirect Speech - Übung 2

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints or clues!
Simple Present, Present Progressive, Simple Past, Past Progressive, Present Perfect und das will-future

1. Jason: "I'm reading a book about war."
Jason said a book about war.
2. Michelle: "My aunt lives in the US."
Michelle said in the US.
3. Ron and Tom: "We have already bought some meat for the BBQ."
Ron and Tom said some meat for the BBQ.
4. Jerome: "I was talking to my sister when my dog ran away."
Jerome said when away.
5. Kira: "I'll go to the movies."
Kira said to the movies.
6. Aunt Lisbeth: "My husband has never loved me."
Aunt Lisbeth said her.
7. Hans and Luke: "We're taking part in the contest."
Hans and Luke said part in the contest.
8. Mr Gablonzky: "I won't be back before Friday."
Mr Gablonzky said back before Friday.
9. Amelie: "I have never danced on a stage."
Amelie said on a stage.
10. The Smiths: "We are extremely rich."
The Smiths said extremely rich.
11. Martina: "I'm twelve."
Martina said twelve.
12. Günther: "I do judo."
Günther said judo.
13. Sally: "I was listening to the radio while my brother was playing computer games.
Sally said to the radio while computer games.
14. Ulf: "My aunt will visit us soon."
Ulf said soon.
15. The Gables: "We joined a computer club."
The Gables said a computer club.
16. Wanda: "I'll leave a light on."
Wanda said a light on.
17. Kevin and Ron: "We're in trouble."
Kevin and Ron said in trouble.
18. Victoria: "I can dance like a pro."
Victoria said like a pro.
19. Iris: "My grandfather is still working part-time.
Iris said her grandfather part-time.
20. Mike: "I haven't finished my project yet.
Mike said he his project yet.