Satzbeispiele zum will future

Beispielsätze zum will future

In diesem Artikel habe ich für Dich ein paar Satzbeispiele zur englischen Zeitform will future zusammen getragen. Du kannst mir gerne Deine Sätze als Kommentar hinterlassen. Falls es nötig sein sollte, werde ich Deine Sätze dann korrigieren. So entsteht mit der Zeit eine große Sammlung, von der jeder in der nächsten Englisch Klassenarbeit profitieren kann.

Englische Zeiten - Beispielsätze zum will future

Ein paar Satzbeispiele zum will future:

10 Positive Sätze im will future:

I think Peter will marry Sue soon.
Wait, I will help you with the dishes.
Tom and his girlfriend will take the bus to the city centre.
I will get my things ready for moving to another city.
I believe that in 2020 people will buy more motorcycles.
I hope our team will win the match.
He will buy tickets for the concert.
Perhaps Jane will do this for you.
Just a moment. I will help you with the bags.
Philipp will be 12 next Sunday.

10 Negative Sätze im will future:

She will not get you a drink or two.
I think the baby will not cry anymore.
I think my brother will not like this DVD.
I will not wait for you!
They will not be back at half past three.
They will not drink tea.
Monika’s parents have just decided that they will not buy her a pet.
Janine will not open the window.
Maybe the weather tomorrow will not be as sunny as today.
You won’t pass the test if you don’t take notes!
I am pretty sure that she will not agree with you.
He won’t sleep well if it is cold in the bedroom.

10 Positive Fragen im will future:

Will you love me forever?
When will I see you again?
How long will it take us to get there?
Are you sure that Jennifer will like our present?
Will you wait for me if I am late?
Will they fly to Paris?
Don’t you think that Mary will do a good job?
Will he have to speak German if he visits Germany?
Will you give him back his book if you meet him next week?
Will you be jealous (neidisch) if I wear trendy clothes?

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10 Negative Fragen im will future:

Why will he not take any pictures when he is in London?
Will your aunt not look after your children when you are on holiday?
Why won’t your mother do the dishes?
Will Louis not dance with you?
Won’t your teacher get angry if you don’t do your homework?
Why do you think that he will not describe you the way to the station?
Won’t he eat his school lunch if he is hungry?
Won’t she agree with you?
Will he not sleep well if it is cold in the bedroom?
Will Sarah not read the book?

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